MOIA re-imagines urban mobility

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MOIA Finland is a start-up with multinational’s resources


In the summer of 2017, digital ride-pooling pioneers from Finland became a part MOIA, a company owned by Volkswagen. MOIA’s future shuttle-on-demand concept benefits from the experience, data and existing technology from Kutsuplus in Helsinki and Split in Washington D.C.

Finland will be an expert hub for MOIA focusing on the core of the mobility services, the heart of the system that powers MOIA’s shuttle-on-demand concept. The multinational team stationed in Espoo and Tampere shares the common goal of easing the traffic burden in cities worldwide over the next few years and thus improving the quality of life in urban areas. It is not a small task, and MOIA Finland is now looking for new additions to the team. See the open positions. 

Common vision drives change

The world’s leading car manufacturer knows that mobility is changing. The cities desperately want this change and are happy to welcome MOIA as a collaborator. It is the kind of disruption that everyone is happy to see.

"Sometimes this doesn’t feel like a company at all, more like a group of people with a common dream. We’ve shared this dream since the days of Kutsuplus, and now we have the resources to fulfil it", says Miska Tarvainen, who has been with the company since 2015.

The vision of making cities better places to live is so strong that hardly anyone has left the company. People who have joined in along the way are happy to work on a concrete service for a change.

"For once, I have a job that my grandmother would understand!"  Tarvainen deadpans.

Imagination and passion

Imagination, one of MOIA’s values, is required to think outside the box. The technologies are bleeding edge and continuous learning is a requirement for everyone.

Tools can be learned, but another of MOIA’s values, passion, has to be internal. With the new resources, it is time to prove that shared rides make sense also financially. People at MOIA Finland are proud of what they do, working on a real-life application. It is not difficult to find a meaning in your work when you are working to improve urban life, doing your part to decrease pollution and traffic jams.

Real work and mentors to help

At MOIA Finland, everyone owns a part of the entity. Familiarise yourself with new technologies, suggest how to improve the service and you will gain responsibility. Courage is a requirement, as you might get thrown in at the deep end, but you will have a personal mentor with decades of experience to help you out. They will take you under their wing. There is not much hierarchy, though, and no working just for work’s sake. Each task is required to make the service better.

To describe the working environment as dynamic is an understatement. There is a lot that has never been done before and everyone has to step outside their comfort zones. The mentors are there to help, as are your colleagues in Germany. Hop on morning plane to meet them and you can be back the same day if you wish - or stay a while longer.

And by the way, if you identify yourself more with the mentor group, welcome! Perseverance and a sense of humour are required, and everyone brings their own personality to the mix. The road to change can be tough, but it should also be fun.

Academic Work takes care of the entire recruitment process. You can find the open positions and details in each listing below.

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