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Digitalent on Academic Workin tytäryhtiön AWX:n vuonna 2017 Ruotsissa perustama startup, joka saapuu suuren suosion saattelemana Suomeen syksyllä 2018. Etsimme nyt Talent Relations Manageria kasvattamaan Digitalentin liiketoimintaa Suomen markkinoilla yhdessä Suomen toimitusjohtajan kanssa.


Alla Ruotsin Talent Relations Manager, Linnea Börjesson, kertoo, miten päätyi hakemaan tehtävää, mitä hänen tämän hetkiseen työnkuvaansa kuuluu ja mikä on hänen mielestään mielenkiintoisinta Talent Relations Managerin tehtävässä. Voit lukea positiosta lisää ja hakea paikkaa täältä.

Hi! My name is Linnea, and I work as the Talent Relations Manager at Digitalent Sweden. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you a little bit about my background and how I ended up applying and then getting the post. Below you can read about all the super interesting things I get to do as a Talent Relations Manager and why I think you should apply for it too.  

I started my career at Academic Work in 2012 as a Junior Recruiter, and at once, I was so amazed by the Academic Work culture. For me, it was a no-brainer to continue as a Consultant Manager when I graduated from university. IT has always been a passion of mine, and I have been lucky enough to have spent all my years at Academic Work working with IT recruitment.

In February 2017, Digitalent was presented to me during a team meeting, and straight after the meeting I booked a meeting with Digitalent’s Operations Manager, Lina Ullman. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it! She told me they were looking for a Talent Relations Manager who wanted to take responsibility for Digitalent’s recruitment process and employer branding. They were looking for someone who also wanted to be a part of building the company. To be able to combine my interest for business, HR and IT, alongside with building a company with the support from Academic Work couldn’t have been a more perfect combination!

One of my biggest responsibilities is to make sure that we are building Digitalent with the right people. I am responsible for finding the candidates and getting them interested in Digitalent as a company. I do it through different channels, for example LinkedIn, by meeting candidates at meetups or through any way that we believe is right! There is now limit for how I should do it (which I love!). I am also responsible together with Lina for creating our employer brand and making sure that our recruitment process holds a high standard. I can continue to list areas of responsibilities, because in a start-up you get to be a part of almost everything!  

I get to challenge myself every day! During the last year, I have stepped outside my comfort zone more times than I can count. I have evolved my business mindset by being a part of building Digitalent, for real. Combined with that, I get to meet amazing people every day and I have learned so much about the IT industry.

This is the chance of a lifetime. I have had so much fun the last year, and we are constantly working to become the best possible work place for everyone in this company. You will be able to share your passion with your colleagues and see Digitalent grow. It is an amazing feeling!

If you want to be a part of bringing Digitalent to Finland, read more about the position here and apply already today! I can promise you won’t regret it.

Linnea works as Talent Relations Manager at Digitalent Sweden.


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