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We commit to the Science Based Target initiative

As part of our sustainability strategy, we now commit to the Science Based Targets initiative. By joining the initiative, our group of companies will be provided crucial guidance on how to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable society.

The impact of climate change has become impossible to ignore. It’s more important than ever that companies take resolute action to protect the environmental, social, and economic welfare of our planet.

By joining the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), we have committed to set both near-term (5-12 years ahead) and Net-zero (2050 at the latest) company-wide emissions reductions targets in line with climate science. Within two years the targets are to be reviewed and validated by the initiative body.

Deep and rapid emissions cuts are of business-critical importance to us. Joining the SBTi is part of a long-term sustainability strategy that we take very seriously. We are choosing sides in a world where pretty words mean nothing and taking resolute action means everything.

The Science Based Targets Initiative commitment is based on transparency and accountability. Academic Work is listed in the SBTi database under the name of its parent company Akind Venture AB. You can track our development on the SBTi website.

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