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For international and English-speaking applicants

At Academic Work we are experts in staffing and recruitment of young professionals. Are you a student looking for a part time job, have recently graduated, or have a few years of working experience and are looking for a new job? Regardless, we believe in you because we know you are ambitious, full of energy and want to grow!

Available jobs in English

At Academic Work we help companies and businesses around the country and also internationally to attract and recruit new talent. We operate within many business areas, but most of our jobs are within IT, technology, finance, sales, customer service and marketing.

How to apply for a job?

Jobs that are open to English speaking applicants can be filtered in our Job Search. You can also distinguish these from the fact that job listings are in English

When you find the job that you want to apply for, press on the green button, “Apply here!” and you will be guided through the application process. Parts of this process will be in Finnish, but not to worry – you can easily use the Google Translate button by the URL-field to translate the page.

Are there no suitable jobs available right this moment? No worries!

You can create a Job Alert (Duunivahti in Finnish) directly from the filtering options you have set, so you will always receive an email notification of new tasks suitable for you. This way you can be sure that you will be among the first to receive information about an open position and you will also get a head start on applying. Creating an account is not required for setting up a job alert.

How to create a Job Alert

  1. Select your criteria
  2. Press 'Hae' / 'Search'
  3. Click the 'Tilaa Duunivahti / 'Set job alert’ -button at the top of the job listing
  4. Check the filter options used by the job alert and enter your email
  5. Press 'Tilaa Duunivahti' / 'Subscribe to Job Alerts'
  6. You will receive a confirmation request from us in an e-mail – accept it and you will start receiving notifications on any matching positions!

Work permits

If you already have a work permit in Finland you can easily just apply to one or more of our available jobs right now. If this is the first time applying for a job in Finland we recommend you to get familiar with the national guidelines before you start the process.

Find more information here.

An EU/EEA citizen has the right to work, study or live in Finland without a residence permit. Read more here.

Being a consultant

When you apply for a job through Academic Work the job is either a recruitment or a consultant job. The difference between the two is that if the job is a recruitment job, you will be permanently employed at the recruiting company. For a consultant assignment you are employed by Academic Work.

Being a consultant comes with many great advantages. It is a great way for you to start off your career by getting to know several companies or industries, test and identify what you think is the most interesting and and to continue learning along the way. As a consultant you have a Consultant Manager at Academic Work helping you every step of the way. The Consultant Manager is you closest manager and will guide you through your employment, help you develop and ensure that you thrive. In addition, the Consultant Manager will make sure that the laws and agreements with your assigned employer are being upheld and helps you take your next career step when the time is ready.

What to expect in the recruitment process?

We screen applications as they come in, which means that we will contact candidates that match the profile we are looking for at the moment. The first contact is usually a phone interview, and if we think you are the right candidate with the right competency and motivation you will be invited to an interview with one of our recruiters. This interview lasts approximately for an hour, and the goal is to see if your competency and background matches what our client is looking for. Afterwards we will do a reference check and we recommend you have two references. Next step is an interview with the client in the company you will be working at. Afterwards we, together with the client, will do an assessment of the candidates and offer the job to the one best suitable for the assignment. All the candidates will get feedback after the process.

And remember – you can apply for several jobs at the same time.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know. Send us an email to info@academicwork.fi or give us a call on +358 106 805 600.