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Staffing - working as a consultant at Academic Work

For us at Academic Work, it is important to act as your career partner from the beginning of your studies to post-graduate jobs. We want to help you grow, both as a professional and as a person. At Academic Work, we offer white-collar jobs in multiple business areas, such as IT, Technology, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and HR. Jobs are available throughout Finland, with an emphasis on the largest cities.

Read more below what kind of jobs we offer, what alternative forms of employment are available, and why you should apply for a job through Academic Work! Did you know, that working as a consultant can actually be the best way for you to get into your dream employer?

What kind of jobs & positions do we offer?

Our customers include for instance Finland's biggest companies, global corporations, rising growth companies, family-owned businesses as well as public sector organizations and NGOs. Most of our available jobs are:

The level of expertise required in the open vacancies varies from junior roles suitable for students and graduates to more demanding mid-senior roles and international management roles, which can require up to 5 years of experience.

A common factor in all the available jobs is that they require a university degree. Jobs can be permanent, temporary, or project-based.

What is staffing?

Most of our available jobs are through staffing, which in practice means that during the employment Academic Work acts as the administrative employer and thus takes care of e.g. the salary payments and occupational health care. Of course, being employed by Academic work is a lot more than that!

In addition to more bureaucratic things, we are here to act as your career partner! As our consultant, you have a designated Consultant Manager at Academic Work who will be there to support you throughout your employment and make sure everything goes smoothly. You can turn to them at any time - they are here to advise and support you. Your development is our and the client's top priority.

We also send you monthly newsletters to both give you relevant information related to the employment but also to share some inspiration to your everyday life and career. We also organize webinars, events, and other fun stuff for our consultants to make sure your time at Academic Work is the best it can be.

Why working as a consultant is a great next step in your career?

The need for employers always starts from the need of the company - it can be either related to coping with the current workload or aimed at growth. The need can also be genuinely project-based: requiring expertise and additional resources to complete a project. It is also often the case that, despite an urgent need, direct recruitment is not possible. There can be many reasons, such as the lack of a recruitment permit, a limited number of person-years, or substitution. None of this is a bad thing for a job seeker - on the contrary! Your career can start with a new kind of upswing through staffing, working as a consultant. Through staffing, you get:

  • An interesting job in the desired organization
  • A career partner who genuinely cares about you and supports you in any situation
  • Opportunity to showcase your skills & gain valuable work experience
  • Get yourself into an attractive organization & opportunity to convince them of your skills
  • Plenty of experience and valuable contacts
  • To be part of an international group with thousands of ambitious young professionals around Europe
  • Growing opportunities as many of our consultants stays with us for years to grow by working for multiple clients one after another

Our pride is that a big part of our staffing positions ends with the consultant being recruited to the client. In many cases that is the common goal of everyone during the consultant relationship.

Why Academic Work?

Academic Work has been helping companies to grow and young professionals get jobs for more than 20 years already. Today, we are Finland's 8th biggest employment agency and the leading company for the target group of early-stage professionals.

We make people grow. Our mission is to help you grow in your career both as a professional and as a human. We can offer you the most interesting job opportunities in the most attractive companies in Finland! In 2020 we signed over 2000 contracts with ambitious and skillful young professionals, and now we would want to help you find your next job.