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Non-Finnish-Speaker’s Guide to Job Search in Finland

Are you ready for your next career move but feel a little lost in the Finnish recruitment market? We feel you! We gathered some useful tips to make your job search a bit easier.

The bad news first: finding a job in Finland can be tough for non-Finnish-speakers. The job market is developing towards being more international, but the change is slow. Yet, it’s not impossible to find a job in Finland. Even though many companies still require Finnish skills from their employees, there are a lot of those who don’t. The companies working in IT and technology are good examples of businesses where the importance of Finnish skills has decreased. Also, many companies with international clients and companies that are expanding to foreign markets are looking for fluent English speakers instead of Finnish speakers.

How to find these positions then? On our website, you can easily filter the jobs that only require English skills. In addition to that, here are a few other tips for the job hunt.

Find your superpower.

The recruitment process is a bargain between the needed skills and the considered beneficial skills from the employer's perspective. These beneficial skills are often the ones that give you the chance to stand out from the rest of the candidates. For this reason, it’s important to learn, how to market your expertise. Try to think what’s the special thing in your expertise. Maybe you are a fluent Chinese speaker? Or perhaps you have expertise in some of the newest Javascript frameworks? Make sure these skills are mentioned in your CV. If you are applying for different types of roles, it might be worth considering having two customized CVs.

Be fast to apply!

Most of the recruitment processes that we work with are ongoing recruitment processes. This means that the recruiter will proceed with the candidates whenever a suitable person is found. In these cases, it really matters whether you apply today or leave it to next weekend. So, don’t hesitate even if you are not sure if you’re a 100% match for the job. It’s a recruiter’s job to find it out during the process.

When the recruiter calls.

The recruiter calls you to have a better understanding of your skills and get the first impression of you. So, be polite, and do your best! If you are in a bad place to talk tell this to the recruiter so they can schedule a more suitable time for the call. These calls are normally short: 10-20 minutes in total. A short call doesn’t mean that you performed poorly. The recruiter probably just got the information they needed. If you are unsure, how the process is continuing after the call, don’t hesitate to ask the recruiter.

What to do if you get rejected?

Getting rejected while seeking a new job is more of a rule than an exception (for the Finnish speakers too!). Getting the No, thanks message from the job of your dreams really, really sucks. This said, try not to take it personally. There were probably many other good candidates that got the same message. Within every failure, lies a chance. As Henry Ford put it

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

So, ask for feedback and use this information for your benefit the next time you apply for a job. You can also ask the recruiter, what kind of candidate got the job. Maybe they had a better application letter or maybe the candidate was able to sell their expertise better. Use the information you get as a tip and copy that behavior the next time you apply.

Ask for help.

We at Academic Work are recruitment professionals. Therefore, if you feel insecure about your salary wish, your expertise, or would like to hear comments/feedback about your CV, you can always turn to us! The best way is to contact the team email that is always mentioned at the end of the job advert or to come to meet us at the job fairs.

Be persistent.

Last, but not least – don’t give up! With a bit of luck, you might find the job of your dreams quite easily. However, there are a lot of variables in the recruitment process and sometimes the differences between the selected candidate and the one that didn’t get the job, are minuscule. When you are searching for a job, make it your number one priority. Sooner or later, your activeness will be rewarded!

How do I register to Academic Work and apply for jobs?

Unfortunately for now our website is only in Finnish, but don't worry, that doesn't mean we wouldn't hire non-Finnish-speaking professionals! Actually every month we hire multiple talents to various positions that do not have full proficiency in Finnish.

Check these instructions to see how you can register yourself and start applying for jobs. Do you want to know more about our staffing positions and what is it like to work as a consultant? Go check this article out!

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Working in Finland as a foreigner: If you are a citizen of an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland, you do not need a residence permit for Finland. You must nonetheless register your right of residence.

Citizens of none of the abovementioned must read the instructions of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Unfortunately, we are not able to help you with issues related to immigration or work permits. Please contact the authorities for guidance.